needrestart 2.8

Posted on 2016-05-17 in Projects • 2 min read

needrestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades. It is inspired by checkrestart from the debian-goodies package.

needrestart supports but does not require systemd. If systemd is not available or does not return a service name needrestart uses hooks to identify the corresponding System V init script. If a process inside a container (LXC, docker) it suggests to restart the entire container. needrestart contains a heuristic for different interpreter languages: it tries to detect if outdated script code/modules are in use (Java, Perl, Python, Ruby).

Changes in 2.8

  • Changes:
    • [Core] Restart SysV init services on systemd using systemctl. (Debian Bug#818853 by Paul Wise <>)
    • [Core] Print a combined systemctl restart command line for skipped services (config option). (Debian Bug#818853 by Paul Wise <>)
    • [l10n] Make NeedRestart::UI::stdio localized and update German localization.
    • [notify] Disable mail notification by default (notify.conf).
  • Features:
    • [Core] Add a easy UI mode hiding technical details for non-technical users. (Debian Bug#819824 by Patrick Schleizer <>))
    • [Cont] Detect systemd-machined containers.
  • Fixes:
    • [Conf] Add xendomains to override_rc. (Debian Bug#817807 by Samuel Thibault <>)
    • [Core] Do not terminate debconf after restart service selection since it is still needed for container selection.
    • [Core] Fix regex handling in cgroup detection. (github pull request #25 by Courtney Bane @cbane)
    • [Core] Fix library probing inside filesystem namespaces (i.e. LXC containers). (github issue #23 by Lukas Pirl @lpirl)
    • [Interp] Fix incomplete skipping of scanning files in Interp/*.pm if cwd is unknown.
    • [Interp] Improve getopts parsing (Interp::*) to remove “Uknown option:” warnings. (Debian Bug#817927 by F. Petitjean <>)
    • [notify.d] Fix bashisms in /etc/needrestart/notify.d/*. (Debian Bug#818001 by Cristian Ionescu-Idbohrn <>) (github issue #21 by Sebastian Brandt @sbrandtb) (Debian Bug#824184 by Axel Beckert <>)
    • [UI] stdio: do not skip service asked while choosing auto mode.

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