needrestart 0.3

Posted on 2013-09-14 in Projects • 1 min read

needrestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades. It is inspired by checkrestart from the debian-goodies package. It does not rely on lsof as checkrestart does.

Supported package manager backends (for init script retrieval):

  • dpkg
  • rpm
  • pacman

Changes in 0.3:

  • Fix typo reported by Patrick Matthäi.
  • Add man page provided by Patrick Matthäi (Debian).
  • Offer restart on non-existing mappings.
  • Add PacMan hook.
  • Be more fault-tolerant in batch mode.
  • Provide a more sophisticated apt/dpkg trigger.
  • Fix ignored -r command line parameter. (Debian Bug#721809 by Axel Beckert
  • Ignore forked/detached daemon childs (pidfile heuristic). (Debian Bug#721810 by Axel Beckert
  • Provide modular UI including debconf and dialog based frontends.
  • Ignore binaries due blacklist config option.

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