needrestart 3.4

Posted on 2019-02-05 in Projects • 2 min read

needrestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades. It is inspired by checkrestart from the debian-goodies package.

needrestart supports but does not require systemd. If systemd is not available or does not return a service name needrestart uses hooks to identify the corresponding System V init script. If a process inside a container (LXC, docker) it suggests to restart the entire container. needrestart contains a heuristic for different interpreter languages: it tries to detect if outdated script code/modules are in use (Java, Perl, Python, Ruby).

Changes in 3.4


  • [L10n] Add Czech localization. (github pull request #131 by @p-bo) (github pull request #132 by @p-bo) (github pull request #133 by @p-bo)
  • [Core] Add FRR to override. (github pull request #138 by David Lamparter @eqvinox)
  • [Core] Detect if run inside a container or vm using systemd. (github issue #139 by Tobby @tobby88)
  • [Core] Skip needrestart in apt hook if system is shutting down. (Debian Bug#914753 by Balint Reczey


  • [Core] Do restart systemd-journald (again). (see also Debian Bug#771122, #771254 and #898818) (Debian Bug#898818 by Mathieu Parent


  • [uCode] Ignore broken microcode files (required for CentOS). (github issue #123 by Marc Dequènes (Duck) @duck-rh)
  • [uCode] Parse output of old iucode-tool 1.5. (github pull request #127 by Lutz Heermann @LuHee)
  • [uCode] Prevent microcode false positives for BIOS updates. (Debian Bug#906958 by Maik Zumstrull
  • [uCode] Handle microcode updates for multiple CPUs in initramfs. (Debian Bug#907372 by Paul Wise
  • [Core] Ignore temporary mappings of elasticsearch. (github issue #134 by Georg @teadur)
  • [Core] Do not restart oneshot services from systemd-cron. (Debian Bug#917073 by Antti Salmela

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