Flickr Lens Tagger

Posted on 2012-02-14 in Projects • Tagged with Perl, Flickr, Photo, flenstag • 1 min read

flenstag scans photos from Flickr and adds appropriate tags generated from the EXIF data of the photos. The default configuration tags:

  • camera model,
  • lens model,
  • ISO speed,
  • focal length and
  • exposure time
  • aperture fnumber

retrieved from the EXIF data.

flenstag is written in Perl and requires Flickr::API. The script …

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Probe Uptime by Tcp TimeStamps

Posted on 2011-10-26 in Projects • Tagged with IBH, Linux, Perl, Pentesting • 1 min read

putts sniffs for Tcp traffic of a remote host. If those Tcp packets contains timestamps (RFC 1323) this tool might be used to get the systems uptime.

This script calls tcpdump(8) to get the Tcp timestamps of the target host. You have to make Tcp traffic to the remote …

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NaJaBo (Nagios Jabber Bot)

Posted on 2011-04-17 in Projects • Tagged with Perl, Monitoring, NaJaBo • 1 min read

najabod is a Nagios Jabber Bot. najabod connects to a XMPP server as a XMPP client. It reads the nagios status log and shows an overview of the current states of the monitored nodes. Further version will allow you to query detailed informations, acknowledge problems and schedule downtimes etc.

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airopeek encapsulation converter

Posted on 2010-04-08 in Projects • Tagged with IBH, Linux, Perl, Cisco, IEEE 802.11, airoxtractor, airopeek • 1 min read

airoxtractor extracts AIROPEEK encapsulated packets read from libpcap and converts them into Radiotap encapsulated packets. After convertion wireshark is able to complete decode the wireless sniffs. Without this convertion wireshark only shows the frame type, but does no further dissection.

Any Cisco AP / WLC is able to create an AIROPEEK …

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