readout 0.1

Posted on 2013-12-28 in Projects • Tagged with Linux, Monitoring, Perl, Sonos • 1 min read

readout does text to speech convertion using Speech::Google::TTS of Niels Dettenbach. It could be used for short texts supplied as command line arguments. readout does local caching, the Google stuff is only used for new texts.

It could be used for home automation or monitoring stuff (“speaking nagios …

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Agentless Universal Shutdown

Posted on 2012-04-21 in Projects • Tagged with IBH, Perl, Monitoring, aus • 1 min read

Agentless Universal Shutdown is a Perl based, multiplatform network shutdown framework. It provides shutdown plugins for SSH, Windows RPC, HP iLO, VMware ESX and XenServer (including virtual machines) w/o requiring any software installed on the servers.

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NaJaBo (Nagios Jabber Bot)

Posted on 2011-04-17 in Projects • Tagged with Perl, Monitoring, NaJaBo • 1 min read

najabod is a Nagios Jabber Bot. najabod connects to a XMPP server as a XMPP client. It reads the nagios status log and shows an overview of the current states of the monitored nodes. Further version will allow you to query detailed informations, acknowledge problems and schedule downtimes etc.

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