imvirt - I’m virtualized?

Posted on 2012-09-14 in Projects • Tagged with Linux, Perl, IBH, VMware, XenServer, Virtualization, imvirt • 1 min read

This little perl script tries to detect if it is called from within a virtualization container. This is detected by looking for well-known boot messages, directories and reading DMI (Desktop Management Interface) data.

The following containers are detected:

  • Virtual PC/Virtual Server
  • VirtualBox
  • VMware
  • QEMU/KVM (experimental)
  • Xen (para and …

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Posted on 2012-05-29 in Projects • Tagged with Linux, Debian, IBH, apt-dater • 1 min read

apt-dater is a terminal-based remote package update manager. See also the project homepage.

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Agentless Universal Shutdown

Posted on 2012-04-21 in Projects • Tagged with IBH, Perl, Monitoring, aus • 1 min read

Agentless Universal Shutdown is a Perl based, multiplatform network shutdown framework. It provides shutdown plugins for SSH, Windows RPC, HP iLO, VMware ESX and XenServer (including virtual machines) w/o requiring any software installed on the servers.

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Probe Uptime by Tcp TimeStamps

Posted on 2011-10-26 in Projects • Tagged with IBH, Linux, Perl, Pentesting • 1 min read

putts sniffs for Tcp traffic of a remote host. If those Tcp packets contains timestamps (RFC 1323) this tool might be used to get the systems uptime.

This script calls tcpdump(8) to get the Tcp timestamps of the target host. You have to make Tcp traffic to the remote …

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airopeek encapsulation converter

Posted on 2010-04-08 in Projects • Tagged with IBH, Linux, Perl, Cisco, IEEE 802.11, airoxtractor, airopeek • 1 min read

airoxtractor extracts AIROPEEK encapsulated packets read from libpcap and converts them into Radiotap encapsulated packets. After convertion wireshark is able to complete decode the wireless sniffs. Without this convertion wireshark only shows the frame type, but does no further dissection.

Any Cisco AP / WLC is able to create an AIROPEEK …

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