Templating Debian GNU/Linux (2/2)

In the previous article (Templating Debian GNU/Linux (1/2) I gave an overview about steps which should be taken in preparation of creating a VM template (dehydration), steps required after deployment of a VM template (rehydration) and the idea of applying customizations using the OVF environment. This article shows …

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Templating Debian GNU/Linux (1/2)


Distributing pre-installed (Debian) GNU/Linux virtual machine templates requires some steps to create clean and secure templates. You should consider at least to:

  • drop local root password: fight against known default passwords and known password hashes
  • drop SSH host keys: prevent private key leaks and prevent MITM
  • drop various …
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Fit@Work - vSphere 5: Funktionen im Detail

Ein Vortrag zu Funktionen im Detail von VMware vSphere 5 zu einer Veranstaltung der IBH IT-Service GmbH:

vSphere 5 - Funktionen im Detail

Erstellt mit impress.js. Mein eigener fork enthält einige Merges und Ergänzungen zur ursprünglichen Version. Kompatibel mit Chromium/Chrome, Safari und Firefox, alternativ gibt es die Präsentation im PDF-Format.

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Fit@Work - VMware vSphere 5.1

Ein Vortrag zu Neuigkeiten in VMware vSphere 5.1 zu einer Veranstaltung der IBH IT-Service GmbH:

VMware vSphere 5.1

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imvirt - I’m virtualized?

This little perl script tries to detect if it is called from within a virtualization container. This is detected by looking for well-known boot messages, directories and reading DMI (Desktop Management Interface) data.

The following containers are detected:

  • Virtual PC/Virtual Server
  • VirtualBox
  • VMware
  • QEMU/KVM (experimental)
  • Xen (para and …
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IBH Hausmesse - Private Cloud Services

Ein Vortrag zu Private Cloud Services zur Hausmesse der IBH IT-Service GmbH:

IBH Private Cloud Services

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