Flickr Lens Tagger

Posted on 2012-02-14 in Projects • 1 min read

flenstag scans photos from Flickr and adds appropriate tags generated from the EXIF data of the photos. The default configuration tags:

  • camera model,
  • lens model,
  • ISO speed,
  • focal length and
  • exposure time
  • aperture fnumber

retrieved from the EXIF data.

flenstag is written in Perl and requires Flickr::API. The script saves runtime data and expects the configuration file in the current directory:

  • flenstag.conf: configuration file
  • flenstag.dat : tracks upload dates (might be used for filtering)
  • flenstag.auth: Flickr API authentication

The flenstag.conf must exist before running flenstag (take flenstag.conf.ex as a template).