needrestart 2.0

Posted on 2015-01-23 in Projects • 1 min read

needrestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades. It is inspired by checkrestart from the debian-goodies package.

needrestart supports but does not require systemd. If systemd is not available or does not return a service name needrestart uses hooks to identify the corresponding System V init script. The shipped hooks support the following package managers:

  • dpkg
  • rpm
  • pacman

The service command is used to run the tradiditional System V init script.

Changes in 2.0

  • [regression] List commands in list mode. (Debian Bug#764042 by Paul Wise <>)
  • Add a conf.d/ directory. (Debian Bug#764043 by Paul Wise <>)
  • [UI] Fix empty current/expected kernel version string used by debconf template. (Debian Bug#764917 by Laurent Bonnaud <>)
  • Don’t blacklist services by default but use a new override_rc option to don’t restart some critical services by default. (Debian Bug#763937 by Christoph Anton Mitterer <>)
  • Don’t restart services greylisted in override_rc in auto mode. (Debian Bug#770937 by Axel Beckert <>)
  • [UI] Disable progress bar while running non-interactive. (Debian Bug#768124 by Phillip Berndt <>)
  • [UI] Fix warning on uninitialized values while reading from /dev/stdin. (Debian Bug#768124 by Phillip Berndt <>)
  • [Interp] Add basic Java detection support.
  • Add PolicyKit action file to allow needrestart-session to run needrestart as root.
  • [UI] Add -f <fe> CLI parameter to allow to overwrite the DEBIAN_FRONTEND environment variable used by debconf(7).

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