SONOS’ hidden pages

The Sonos ZonePlayers have a embedded web server providing some diagnostic informations and advanced configuration options. The following table contains known hidden pages on a ZonePlayer. The hidden pages of a ZonePlayer having the IP address $IP are accessible at:

  • http://$IP:1400/$Path

The legacy controllers CR100 and CR200 are using the alternative port 3400. Due to power saving they are only available while the display is turned on.

$Path Description
advconfig.htm advanced configuration, could be used to setup the STP root (STP status could be viewed at /status/showstp; does not show the current config)
customsd.htm add/remove custome service descriptions (see also SoundCloud on Sonos)
reboot immediately reboots the ZonePlayer
region.htm configure WiFi region (does not show the current config)
status shows Diagnostics
support/review shows Sonos Support Info
tools.htm networking toolkit: ping, traceroute, nmblookup
unlock.htm ?
wifictrl configure the WiFi radio, known options:
  • ?wifi=off - disable radio until reboot
  • ?wifi=on - enable radio (default)
  • ?wifi=persist-off - persistant disable radio
  • ?wifi=persist-on - persistant enable radio

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