Scotty Network Monitoring Tool

Scotty RELOADED retrieves status information about network components using sensor plugins (e.g. rtt, snmp). The data is presented to the user by a browser based user interface. The backend is implemented in Perl using the Mojolicious framework. The user interfaces uses HTML5 and JavaScript technologies based on jQuery and some additional jQuery plugins.


The Scotty RELOADED Network Monitoring Tool is a complete rewrite of the ancient Scotty and Tkined Network Management Tools.

The Scotty and Tkined Network Management Tools were developed by Jürgen Schönwaelder and many contributors.

I did some improvements on the graphical frontend in the year 2008.

I’d tried to rewrite it the first time using Ruby till the beginning of the year 2010. Although it had an advanced featureset (client/server design using Ruby Tuble Spaces, Linux/Win32 GUI clients, …) it had some performance/bandwidth issues and no designer gui.

In the meantime, due the development of websockets and other advanced web techniques Scotty RELOADED was born - another complete rewrite in Perl using a 3 Tier design and advanced web techniques.

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